Little Sky




At times elegant, at others jaunty, Little Sky is the culmination of the Nova’s first year together, a lovingly crafted homage to the musicians that inspire and the dancing that drives the tradition. Irish, Scottish, and French Canadian; traditional, contemporary, and original; these tunes and songs come together in a delightfully reflective debut from this New England contra dance trio.  

Sample Track

Nasty Nell/Grey Jay

 Golden Gate Waltz/Little Sky


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Track List

1. Passport Ljubljana/Lisnagun
2. Bass Rock/Miss Monaghan’s/Hull’s Reel
3. Claudie’s Banks
4. Road to Camden Town/Plan 9 From Outer Space/Return to Camden Town
5. Blackthorn
6. Inara’s/Thomas G
7. Jack Frost/Snow Boots
8. Golden Gate Waltz/Little Sky
9. Nasty Nell/Grey Jay
10. Epic Reel/Trip to the Market/The Coalminer
11. Big Country


Claudie’s Banks

T’was on one summers evening all in the month of May
Down by a shady valley I carelessly did stray
I overheard a damsel, in sorrow did complain
All for her absent lover who plowed the raging main

I boldly stepped up to her and put her in surprise
I own she did not know me, for I was in disguise
I said my handsome jewel, my joy and heart’s delight
How far have you to travel on this dark and lonely night?

Kind sir, a way to Claudie’s Banks if you’d be pleased to show
And pity a poor young maiden, for it’s there I have to go
In search of a faithless young man, Johnny is his name
And I’m told that on the Claudie’s Banks is where he does remain

She wrang her hands and tore her hair and bitterly did cry
Since Johnny’s gone and left me no comfort can I find
Since Johnny’s gone and left me here, no other’s bride I’ll be
Through shady groves I’ll wander until he returns for me

And when he saw her loyalty he could no longer stand
He drew her in his arms saying Betsy I’m your man
Oh darling I’m the young man, the cause of all your pain
And since we’ve met on Claudie’s Banks we ne’er shall part again

Jack Frost

Jack is leaving frost on leaves of green-o
Autumn burns hot red against the bright October sky
How this can be I do not know, I cannot understand
How the seasons now could fail to match the seasons of my mind

A white wind sets the naked trees a-shivering
A family sits out in the cold; one blanket, children three
Though I am safe and warm inside, I feel it in my bones
The chilly wind and the snowdrifts have become a part of me

My love he was a prince of spring and summer
His hair gold, like the ripening of wheat beneath the sun
But like the wheat his love was reaped and left sad in the field
Like soldiers, dead from battle, don’t care who lost or won

Someday spring will gently melt the snowfall
The birds will sing, the bells will toll, the young girls crowned with flowers
If it be then my love returns, who knows, no one, not I
But I will wait as the sunbeams mark the passing of the hours